Top 10 – X-Men Villains

February 17, 2010

Rooty inspired me to make this list after telling me he was playing a Marvel RPG and was fighting Pyr0, the blob and Avalance. So hes my list of the 10 best X-men villains.

10 – William Stryker

Anyone who’s seen the X-men films will recognise the name William Stryker as the main villain of the 2nd movie. This interpretation is completly different from his comic book persona. Stryker is a religious fanatic with a deep hatred of mutants. When his own son was born a mutant Stryker kills him shortly after birth. He began to believe mutants were servants of Satan and that God choose him to eradicate every last mutant. Stryker became a popular televangilist and attempts to kidnap Professer Xavier to power a machine that will kill every last mutant. The X-men and Magneto team up to stop him and he is eventually shot by his security guard when he attempts to kill Kitty Pryde on live tv. He returns a couple of more times but his next major appearance is in the New X-men comics where he kills 1/4 of the depowered mutants at the Xavier institute and a few powered children until he was killed by Elixer.

09 – Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Like a couple of people on this list the Scarlet Witch is no longer a villain but has been a hero for many years, in fact she first appeared in 1964 and joined the avengers in 1967. Her mutant power is to alter probability via hexes. Two of her most impressive feats were creating children out of nothing because she couldnt have them with her husband (who was a robot), and reshaping the entire  universe to make mutants the dominant species (House of M). Alongside her brother Quicksilver, Wanda sharted of a a member of the brotherhood of evil mutants and fought against the X-men until learning the truth about Magnetos evil ways. Due to the way Wanda’s powers work she is also able to control magic easily and is a competent witch.

08 – Graydon Creed

The human son of mutants Mystique and Sabretooth. Creed was abandoned at birth and after learning that his parents were mutants who abandoned him he grew resentful of all mutants. He formed a terriorist group called the friends of humanity who opposed mutant civil rights. He used the actions of violent mutants such as Magneto to gather supporters to his cause. He was shot and killed at a rally for his presidential candidancy. It was later revealed he was killed by a future version of Mystique in retaliation for Creeds involvement in the brutal attack on the grandson of mystiques lover.

07 – Raven Darkholme (Mystique)

One of the most well known X-men villains is a shapeshifting assassin who usually works for money rather than loyalty to a cause. She is the mother of two of the X-men, Nightcrawler (biological) and Rogue (Foster). She is over 100 years old and had a history with wolverine before he joined the x-men. She has been a constant thorn in the x-mens side, working with (and leading some) most versions of the Brotherhood as well as persuing personal vendetas. She joined the x-men for a while recently under the command of Rogue but eventually turned on the team and shot her daughter.

06 – Hank McCoy (Dark Beast)

One of the few survivors from an alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse. In that reality Hank McCoy was an evil scientist working for Apocalypse and managed to escape to earth 616 when the AOA ended. He kidnapped the real beast and impersonated him for a while until he joined up with Onslaught. He had recently teamed up with 616 Hank in an effort to find a way to save mutant kind after M-day. After this he was seen as part of the Dark X-men alongside Mystique.

05 – MaxEisenhardt (Magneto)

The X-mens arch nemesis and a master of magnetism. Magneto was a survivor of the holocaust and after seeing how the world in general treated mutants he vowed they wouldnt suffer like he did. However he goes about this in the wrong way and commits acts of terrorism to try and get his point across. He is the father of Quicksilver, The Scarlet With and Polaris. His most memorable actions include tearing the Adamantium from Wolverines skeleton and killing Jean Grey.

04 – Apocalypse

The worlds first mutant has a seemingly endless set of powers including shape changing, teleportation, invulnerability and energy projection. He has appeared many times and attempted to take control the world before being stopped by the X-men or Avengers (except for the Age of Apocalypse). He is usually accompanied by his horsemen, which have included wolverin, Angel and gambit at one time or another. His arch nemesis is Cable, who grew up in a future ruled by Apocalypse and traveled back in time to prevent this.

03  – Emma Frost (white Queen)

A powerful telepath who also poseses a diamond form, Emma was a major villain in the past but is currently married to  Cyclops and helps lead the X-men. Her main days as a villain were as part of the hellfire club which seek to infuluence world events to their own agenda. One of the most memorable acts was having a psychic affair with Cyclops before his wife died.

02 Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

One of the most well known X-men hasnt always been a hero. As a child he trained with the thieves guild, and still puts those skils to use. He was a villain in his first few appearences but his growing attraction to Rogue caused him to join the X-Men. More recently he was captured by Apocalypse and turned into Death, one of his horsemen (seen in above pic). During this period he attempted to kill Rogue but failed due to his love for her. After being cured Gambit went on to join the Marauders and attacked the x-men during messiah complex.

01 – Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Like a few others on this list Deadpool was only a villain in his first few appearences but later on turned into more of an anti-hero and is currently one of the most popular characters owned by Mavel Comics. A mercinary with a healing factor great actobatic skills and a talent with guns and swords. i think those who know me probably know more about deadpool then they would like so i wont go into how awsome he is.


Top 10 – Iron Man Armor

February 16, 2010

Iron man is one hero who has changed his costume a lot over the years. Some just alter his look while other have very specific purposes. I present to you his ten best armor’s.

10 – Golden Avenger

The second armor Tony Stark ever built. After returning home after his kidnapping Stark decided to become a hero and created this armor which was more powerful than his previous cave built version. He also painted it gold to make it less scary looking.

09 – Lord Iron

This armor exists in the marvel 1602 universe, in which marvel heroes are imagined as they would be in the year 1602. In this continuity Iron man is a Spanish solider forced to make weapons by David Banner (later to be the 1602 hulk). Due to the torture he was subjected to Lord Iron needs his armor to survive. It is powered by Lightning bottles which provide strength, invulnerability and energy attacks.

08  – Heroes Reborn

During the onslaught event most of the worlds heroes sacrificed themselves to stop the creature known as Onslaught. To save them Franklin Richards (Son of Reed Richards & Sue Storm) used his powers to shift them to an alternate earth where they had completely new origins. This version of iron man made his armor due to an encounter with the hulk leaving shrapnel in his chest. Tony always wore the chestplate to keep his heart beating and was cloaked when not in use.

07 – Ultimate

The Ultimate continuity is a reimagining of the Marvel heroes early years. Ultimate Tony has a brain tumor and only a few years left to live so he designed the suit to make the most of his remaining years and do some good in the world. This armor is heavier and more difficult to operate then the 616 armor.

06 – Thorbuster

A custom armor Iron man designed in case Thor ever turned rogue. Powered by an Azgardian crystal and a prototype generator that allowed it to absorb most of the energy Thor could unleash on it. Due to this it could possibly be the most powerful of all iron man armors. However it was eventually destroyed by Thor.

05 – Hulkbuster

Like the Thorbuster armor, this suit had a specific function, in this case to fight the Hulk. There have been two versions of this armor, and both are frames designed to fit onto Iron mans current armor. The Hulkbuster armor provides enhanced strength and defense but severely decreases maneuverability.

04- War Machine

A heavy duty armor designed for situations which need advanced fire power. The original War Machine armor was built to help Stark with a specific threat. Later versions were built for Jim Rhodes, Stark’s best friend. This armor contains a literal armory including – Repulsors, uni-beam, double-barreled cannon, flamethrower, laser sword, minigun, rocket launcher, EMP, force shield, pulse bolt generators and a partical beam discharger.

03 – Unnamed 2010 Armor

This armor would be number one on the list except for the fact that it hasnt appeared in comics yet. Put simply I love it. It just looks so awesome and hi-tech, while still retaining its humanoid appearance and designs common to all Stark’s armors.

02 – Mach III movie armor

This armors on the list because its the closest we will get to a real life iron man. Its been updated for the big screen but still retains close links with the comic book armors. Its sleek and eligent and powerful. Exactly what Iron Man needs to be.

01 – Extremis

This is the armor that Stark has been wearing for the past few years and was the basis for the Mach III movie armor seen above. This armor was created after Stark injected himself with nanites which gave him control over machinery. He can store the inner layers of the armor in his body making it easier to suit up in times of crisis. This model is sleeker then his previous armors and is able to be controlled remotely.

Of course this is only a small number of Armors belonging to Stark and here i list a few that didnt make the list.

Original Grey, Red & Gold, Space, Stealth, Recovery, Silver Centurian, Hydro-Armor, Telepresence, Modular, Arctic, Retro, Sentient, Outer Atmosphere, SKIN Armor, Tin MAn, High-G, Hypervelocity.

Top 10 – Teen Titans members

February 15, 2010

The Teen Titans have always been one of my Favourite comic book teams and were one of the first comics i collected. So for todays list i present to you my top 10 teen titans.

10 – Kon-El (Superboy)

A clone of Superman created using a mix of human and Kryptonian DNA 50% Superman, 50% Lex Luthor. Superboy has been around since the 90’s but only joined the teen titans in the 2003 revamp. Originally Superboy had no name but after proving himself loyal to Superman he was granted the names Kon-El and Connor Kent. His main superpower is Tactile Telekinesis which he uses to simulate flight and super strength. As he grew he developed powers like super hearing, heat vision, cold breath and x-ray vision. He’s currently in love with Cassie Sandmark (Wondergirl) however their relationship hit a snag when he died. He was revived in the 31st century and has recently returned to the present where he is trying to become more like superman and will soon join the current incarnation of the teen titans.

9 – Raven

Raven is the daughter of the Demon Trigon and a human mother, and she was born so that her father could use her to enter Earth’s dimension. When she turned 18 and learnt of her heritige and destiny she tried to recruit the Justice League to combat her father. The league didnt believe her so she turned to the former teen titans and they reformed the team to help her. Raven has died a couple of times but due to her half demonic nature she has always been able to return. Her powers include stealing emotions, manifestation of her soul-self and the ability to induce and amplify pride in a living being.

8 – Joseph Wilson (Jericho)

Joseph Wilson, son of the supervillain Deathstroke has the ability to posess the body of anyone he makes eye contact with. Once inside someone he can control there movements, speech and any powers they possess. Jericho is quite a tragic character as he was corrupted by the souls of beings tainted by Trigon. He was seemingly killed when his father stabbed his sword through his chest. 11 years later it was revealed Jericho had posessed his father, and had furthered his decent into madness. Jericho was trapped in a computer disc and eventually given a new body by Raven. He once again turned to evil when it was revealed all the minds he had possessed were still a part of him and he had a tragic ending when vigilante gouged his eyes out so he wouldnt be able to posess people any more.

7 – Garfield Logan (Beast Boy)

The joker of the teen titans with the ability to transform into any animal. he gained his powers after contracting a rare illness after being bitten by a green monkey. His parents tried an experimental treatment which cured him but left him with green skin and superpowers. He used to be a member of the Doom Patrol until they died and he joined Raven’s incarnation of the teen titans. He is extremly loyal to his friends, especially Raven who he eventually falls in love with. He joined the 2003 version of the titans as a mentor, and served to brigde the gap between the young and old titans. He later joined the Titans but went back to the team Titans to help them after they suffered a few setbacks.

6 – Roy Harper (Red Arrow, Formerly Speedy & Arsenal)

The former sidekick of Green Arrow, Roy was the first new member to join the team after their original introduction. He had a bad childhood and eventually became addicted to Heroin but got clean with the help of friends. As he got older he changed his name to Arsenal and began using guns. He used this identity as a government agent, titans member and later as a member of the Outsiders. When he left that group he was invited into the newest version of the Justice league of America where he changed his name to Red Arrow. During this time he joined a new version of the titans but I fear he will have to give up his heroic career after getting his arm ripped off.

5 – Bart Allen (Kidflash, formerly Impulse & Flash)

Grandson of Barry Allen, the second Flash. Bart was born in the 31st Century but suffered from accellerated ageing and had to live in a virtual reality world. He was eventually sent back in time where Wally West (Flash III) managed to slow his ageing down to normal. Bart then took the codename suggested by Batman, Impluse and decided to become a hero. He was reckless at first, having no concept of danger due to his growing up in a virtual world. He often acted without thinking and caused a lot of trouble. he was a member of Young Justice alongside Robin III and Superboy and considers Robin his best friend. He joined the teen titans at the same time as his friends and after healing from a shot to the knee he spent 20 minutes reading the San Francisco public library he created a new costume and began calling himself kid flash. This period saw a huge change in Bart and he began to act more like a traditional hero. He eventually got sucked into the speed force alongside Wally West in an effort to trap Superboy Prime. Bart managed to escape but had aged 4 years. After some soul searching he became the 4th Flash. He was killed shortly after by the Rogues but was revived in the 31st century and returned to the present alongside Superboy.

4 – Tim Drake (Red Robin, Formerly Robin III)

After the death of Jason Todd (Robin II) Batman became more violent and more of a loner. School Kid Tim Drake noticed this and noticed that Batman needs a Robin. He deduced batmans secret identity and with the help of Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth he succeeded. Unlike the other Robins Tim was more of a detective then a fighter so Batman sent him to Paris to train. He joined Young Justice and had a load of Solo adventures. He joined the 2003 incarnation of the titans and later lead the group after the 1 year later gap. After Bruce Wayne’s death he quit the Teen Titans and became Red Robin and searched the world for a way to bring Bruce back.

3 – Victor Stone (Cyborg)

Victor Stone was a promising young athlete until his parents experiments with dimensional travel allowed a monster to come through which killed his mother and mutilated Victor. To save him, his father grafted cybernetic parts onto him. Victor felt isolated after his recovery Vic could no longer be an athlete and was without purpose until he joined the titans, where he found friends who understood him. He remained a member of this group through its many incarnations, and even mentored the younger members when the team reformed in 2003. Currently he is a member of the newest version of the justice league alongside former titans Starfire, Donna Troy and Dick Grayson)

2- Rose Wilson (Ravager)

The second child of Deeathstroke to make this list Rose has been a core part of the titans for years, serving as nanny to Roy Harpers daughter before becoming a full time member during the one year later gap. Rose was put up for adoption to protect her from her fathers enemies but eventually Deathstroke decided to get her back and began drugging her to keep her loyal. She lost an eye as a result of this, gouging it out to be more like her father. She left the titans because she felt she couldnt fit in and currently stars in a back up feature in the teen titans comics.

1 – Richard Grayon (Batman, Formerly Robin I, Nightwing)

Dick Grayson lost his family when he was 12 and was taken in by Bruce Wayne. He eventually discovered Bruce was Batman and became his crime fighting partner and took the name Robin. When he grew older he took the name Nightwing and moved to Buldhaven to become a solo hero. He became the new Batman after the death of Bruce. He has lead narly every incarnation of the Titans, except for a couple of groups in the 90’s and the 2003 version of the team. He is one of the most well liked superheroes with in the metahuman community and has met nearly every single hero active.

Top 15 – Best Weapons in Comics

February 14, 2010

Todays list features the best weapons wielded by various heroes and villains in the worlds of comics.

15 – The Witchblade (Sarah Pezzini, Top Cow Productions)

Quite an interesting weapon to start this list. The Witchblade is an ancient sentient weapon created along with 12 other mystical artifacts and serves as a balance between the light and the dark (the ancient forces of the Angelus and the Darkness). The Witchblade is a Male aspect and so in order to keep the balance the wielder must be a woman (currently Sarah Pessini a new york city cop). When not in use the Witchblade looks like a jeweled gauntlet but once activated forms armor to cover the wielder (the amount of armor is dependent on the threat, for example the Witchblade will generate less armor to deal with thugs then it would to deal with a demon). The Witchblade can create weapons such as Swords, Spears and Chains. It is also capable of generating wings so its user can fly. It is also capable  of firing energy blasts.

14 – The Ebony Blade (The Black Knight, Marvel Comics)

A glistening Black sword carved from a Meteorite and enchanted by Merlin the magician for the 1st Black Knight, the ebony blade has been handed down through the generations and is currently in the hands of Dane Whitman, the current Black Knight. The blade is said to be indestructible and has certain magical proerties which include, cutting through magical barriors, absorbing energy and being bonded with the user so they can summon it at will. The Ebony blade is inflicted with a blood curse due to all the blood the original black knight had spilled. The curse affects people differently and with the current black knight it slowly turns him to stone when he sheds blood.

13 – Pumpkin Bomb (Green Goblin, Marvel Comics)

A small explosive device looking like a Jack O Lantern. Just shows to show the Green Goblin’s dedicated to his theme. He has many different types of Pumpkin Bomb but the main ones are hot enough to burn through 3 inches of steel. Other pumpkin bombs release gas, either posion, smoke, hallucinogenics or a special concoxion designed to mess with Spider-mans Spider Sense.

12 – Cold Gun (Captain Cold, Dc Comics)

Quite a remarkable weapon made by one Leonard Snart (Captain Cold). The gun is based of a Cyclotron and is capable of projecting intense cold and condensing large quantities of water in the air to ice.

11 – Harpoon Hand (Aquaman, DC Comics)

After Aquaman lost his ability to communicate with Sea Life one of his villains stuck his hand into a tank of Piranah causing Aquaman to lose it.  He eventually had a prosthetic fitted which was a harpoon with a retractible reel that he could control. This marked the start of a major change for Aquaman as he got rid of his costume and clean shaven look and began to dress as seen above. This weapon provided a major change in Aquaman’s fighting style as he could now attack at range.

10 – Hellfire Shotgun (Johnny Blaze, Marvel Comics)

After losing the ability to become Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze began to use a mystic motorbike and a special shotgun that fired concussive blasts empowered by Ghost Riders’s hellfire. This shotgun attacked the soul instead of the body so could be used to attack evil doers while civilians remain unharmed.

09 – Bang Gun (Joker, DC Comics)

A typical Joker style weapon, when first fired a flag with the word bang on it emerges, making the intended victim feel safe. Its not until it is fired a second time that the razor sharp flag shaft it launched at the target. The gun is used to interrogate victims for information before killing them and the flag is often coated in Joker venom to ensure death in case the wound is non fatal.

08 – Muramasa Blade (Wolverine, Marvel Comics)

The Muramasa blade was forged by Wolverine by the demon Swordsmith Muramasa. It is a seemingly indistructible blade and cuts at a cellular level and negates healing factors. The sword was forged so wolverine could get revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife, however he forgot about it when his memory was wiped. He eventually got it back and used it to kill Sabretooth. Another unique property of this sword is that the demon Muramasa used a piece of Wolverines Soul when forging the blade.

07 – Bow (Hawkeye, Marvel Comics)

The long time Avengers known as hawkeye is an expert marksman and his weapon of choice is a custom made bow and trick arrows. While not as impressive as some of the other weapons on the list, this bow is still impressive due to the number of conflicts it has been used in. After Clint Barton’s death Captain America presented the Hawkeye name and the Bow to Kate Bishop of the Young Avengers.

06 – Triangular Shield (Patriot, Marvel Comics)

This Shield is wielded by the Young Avengers known as Patriot (Eli Bradley) and is based upon the original Shield used by Captain America in WW2. While not being able to throw it like Captain America does Eli still makes the shield into an effective weapon.

05 – Batarang (Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, DC Comics)

A Bat shaped throwing weapon designed for Bruce Wayne as an alternative long distance weapon (due to his refusal to use guns). The Batarang is one of the bats greatest weapons, being not only powerful but aerodynamic and if thrown right it is capable of returning to him. These weapons are now used by most members of the bat family.

04 – Good Samaritan (Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics)

The long range weapon of choice of Hellboy, the Good Samaritan is an oversized revolver. The grip is made from a piece of the true cross and the metal is forged from irish church bells, iron crucifixes and blessed silver, the perfect weapon to deal with unholy supernatural monsters. The bullets for this gun are just as impressive, as they are equiped with explosive tips which contain white oak, holy water, garlic and silver shavings, making them effective against all manner of supernatural fiends.

03 – Mjolnir (Thor, Marvel Comics)

The weapon of choice of the Norse God Thor, this hammer was forged by Dwarven Blacksmiths and made of Asgardian metal called Uru. Mjolnir allows the wielder to summon lighting and storms and is capable of transforming Thor into his mortal form Dr Donald Blake. Originally the hammer was capable of creating chronal displacements, which allowed Thor to travel through time, but this ability has since been removed. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this hammer is it is only capable of being wielded by those that are worthy (which include Captain America and Superman)

02 – Round Shield (Captain America, Marvel Comics)

Probably the most iconic weapon in comics is the Shield used by Steve Rogers (Captain America). The shield is a perfect defensive and offensive weapon, capable of being thrown like a boomerang by a select few people (Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, U.S. Agent  and Taskmaster to name a few). The Shield is made from a mix of Adamantium, Steel and Vibranium which makes it virtually indestructible. Thanks to the unique properties of vibranium the shield is capable of absorbing all forms of kinetic energy.

01 – Power Ring (Green Lantenr Corps. DC Comics)

The weapon of choice of the Green Lantern Corps, this ring is capable of making solid energy constructs, limited only by the imagination of the wielder. Not only are they effective weapons but also act as armor for the Green Lanterns, protect them in space, translate languages, give the wielder information on virtually any subject and can diagnose wounds and injuries. The ring used to have a weakness to yellow, the colour of fear, but that weakness has been overcome by all but the newest recruits to the corps.

Top 10 – Best Supervillain Costumes

February 13, 2010

Ok in an effort to stave of boredom i hav e decided to produce daily top ten lists of my favourite things. The first few will be comic book related but later on i will branch out into all things wierd and wonderful. Todays topic the Supervillains with the best fashion sense. Costumes will be judged on looks and practicality.

10 – Two Face

After Dick Grayson took over the mantle of Batman he had to Face Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face) while he was wearing his own twisted version of the Batman costume. Not only does it look awesome but it also perfectly reflects Harvey’s obsession with duality, and serves to throw Dick off his game. I’d rate this higher up on the list but im pretty sure it was only a hallucination on Grayson’s part, but even still it is one awesome costume.

9 – Norman Osborn (Iron Patriot

After killing the Skrull Queen at the end of the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn, the supervillain formally known as the Green Goblin, became Americas Chosen Hero. He Replaced Iron Man as head of S.H.I.E.L.D and formed his own team of Avengers, who were all villains looking to cash in on Norman’s rise to power. After breaking into Iron Mans vaults Norman discovered this suit, which is a nice combination of Iron Man and Captain America. Not only does this suit look the part but also gives Osborn access to nearly all the powers Iron Man uses, making him one of the strongest fighters out there.

8 – Doctor Doom

No list of snappy dressers can be complete without mentioning Victor Von Doom. An armored Suit covered by Green cloak, simple yet effective. Not only does it inspire fear in his followers but also serves to enhance Victors strength and resistance thanks to its unique blend of magic and technology. Plus it serves to hid his scarred face, which is always a plus.

7 – Catman

The fact that Catman was originally a Batman foe is obvious upon first seeing his costume. Catman used to be a joke, until a talking monkey decided he wasnt good enough to eat. Thomas Blake then remade himself in africa and eventually returned, looking completely badass in his costume. While hes not there yet, Blake’s well on his way to being the villains Batman, with a variety of lethal weapons tucked away in his costume.

6 – The Red King

A hulk villain and emperor of the planet Sakarr, where the hulk was exiled to after trashing Las Vegas. The Red King wears this power armor on the few occasions in which he enters the gladiators Arena. Not only is it some fancy looking armor but that sword packs a wallop. However the armor was no match for an enraged hulk, who sent the king flying with one blow.

5 – Catwoman

as you can see Catwoman has has a lot of costumes over the years, But none are better then her current Costume. Not only is the colour and design more fitting for a thief, but she lost that ridiculous tail, which caused her nothing but grief. Add to that razor sharp claws and upgrades supplied by Batman and you have one awsome costume

4 – Green Goblin (ultimate marvel continuity)

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe (UMU) Norman osborn transformed into a giant monster after injecting a prototype serum for a new super soldier project. There isnt much to this costume, just purple leggings and cloak, But combined with his monsterous appearance this serves its purpose quite well.

3 – Deadshot

Now this is a perfect example of a costume that not only looks good but serves a valuable purpose. Deadshot is widely regarded as one of the best shots with any type of gun in the dc universe. As a result of this fame many up and coming assassin have tried to boost their cred by killing Deadshot. Knowing they will only get one chance they inevitably go for the headshot, which as you can see is heavily armored, giving Floyd plenty of time to retaliate.

2 – Fantomex

Not many people can pull of an all white costume, but Fantomex does it well. Not only stylish but proves how good Fantomex is when he can be all Ninja like while wearing White. However it does have a problem with blood splatter, although in the right situation this can make Fantomex look even cooler.

1 – Taskmaster

While the mask may let this outfit down, the rest of the suit more then makes up for it. Perfectly designed for combat Taskmasters costume allows him to move freely while having easy access to all the weapons stored upon it. and it is my favorite Villain Costume.

January 19, 2010

i have nothing new to say. i really need to get a life

Turtles Together Now and Forever

November 27, 2009

Probably the most epic team up in the history of team ups. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the modern cartoon team up with the Turtles from the 80’s cartoon and the badass Turtles from the original black and white comics. After having seen it i am unsure if its the best thing ever or the worst.

that is all.

Officially an Adult

November 12, 2009

i graduated today. It was a lot more fun then i expected it to be. After getting up at half three we set of an hour later. Got to York at about 7, thankfully i slept most of the way there. Went to get my robe and pictures taken, thankfully got there when it was nice and quiet. Ran into an old friend who i hadent properly spoken to since half way through the first year of uni, so it was really nice to speak with her again. The actual ceremony was a lot less dull then i thought it would be, even though for the most part it was just listening to names being read out because the graduates couldnt see the stage from where we were sitting. But was sat next to John B, who kept me entertained with his crazy ideas that the statues in the minister were exactly like the ones from the doctor who episode blink, and moved if no one was looking at them.

It really surprised me but i didnt realise how much i had missed these people since i left uni. I hadent actually given them much thought since leaving but after today i’m determined to keep in touch.


November 2, 2009

Started Nano yesterday, am determined to complete it this year with my so far unnamed story. Its an epic zombie story full of monsters and betrayal. Full of Violence and Love. And it also features a Squirrel called Streak

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright

November 1, 2009

spent the evening with Alex Peter and Paul at Alex’s house. There was a bouncy castle, which me and paul enjoyed. Left early due to injury. Had KFC and began to read Death Troopers.

Saw Batman hiting the Joker. Was quite amusing.