Of BBQ’s & Acresford

Well the last couple of days were interesting. Had a nice BBQ at Alexander’s on Saturday. Although the kebabs kinda turned out bad. After that a few of us went a wonder around the glorious village that is measham and i showed the crew my old treehouse and old hidden base i had when i was like 12. And on the way home i saw some dude get arrested, havent a clue what he had done but it was amusing.

Yesterday me and Alexander went along the nature trail to donisthorpe and then picked a random direction and started walking. We eventually ended up in Acresford which must be the dullest village in existance (appologies to anyone who lives there).  We did get a little lost but eventually found our way back to where we first entered Donisthorpe. All in all a good three hour walk. Although i have no desire to visit Acresford ever again.


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