Officially an Adult

i graduated today. It was a lot more fun then i expected it to be. After getting up at half three we set of an hour later. Got to York at about 7, thankfully i slept most of the way there. Went to get my robe and pictures taken, thankfully got there when it was nice and quiet. Ran into an old friend who i hadent properly spoken to since half way through the first year of uni, so it was really nice to speak with her again. The actual ceremony was a lot less dull then i thought it would be, even though for the most part it was just listening to names being read out because the graduates couldnt see the stage from where we were sitting. But was sat next to John B, who kept me entertained with his crazy ideas that the statues in the minister were exactly like the ones from the doctor who episode blink, and moved if no one was looking at them.

It really surprised me but i didnt realise how much i had missed these people since i left uni. I hadent actually given them much thought since leaving but after today i’m determined to keep in touch.


One Response to “Officially an Adult”

  1. darthargance Says:

    I told you it would be good. =) x

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