Top 10 – Best Supervillain Costumes

Ok in an effort to stave of boredom i hav e decided to produce daily top ten lists of my favourite things. The first few will be comic book related but later on i will branch out into all things wierd and wonderful. Todays topic the Supervillains with the best fashion sense. Costumes will be judged on looks and practicality.

10 – Two Face

After Dick Grayson took over the mantle of Batman he had to Face Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face) while he was wearing his own twisted version of the Batman costume. Not only does it look awesome but it also perfectly reflects Harvey’s obsession with duality, and serves to throw Dick off his game. I’d rate this higher up on the list but im pretty sure it was only a hallucination on Grayson’s part, but even still it is one awesome costume.

9 – Norman Osborn (Iron Patriot

After killing the Skrull Queen at the end of the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn, the supervillain formally known as the Green Goblin, became Americas Chosen Hero. He Replaced Iron Man as head of S.H.I.E.L.D and formed his own team of Avengers, who were all villains looking to cash in on Norman’s rise to power. After breaking into Iron Mans vaults Norman discovered this suit, which is a nice combination of Iron Man and Captain America. Not only does this suit look the part but also gives Osborn access to nearly all the powers Iron Man uses, making him one of the strongest fighters out there.

8 – Doctor Doom

No list of snappy dressers can be complete without mentioning Victor Von Doom. An armored Suit covered by Green cloak, simple yet effective. Not only does it inspire fear in his followers but also serves to enhance Victors strength and resistance thanks to its unique blend of magic and technology. Plus it serves to hid his scarred face, which is always a plus.

7 – Catman

The fact that Catman was originally a Batman foe is obvious upon first seeing his costume. Catman used to be a joke, until a talking monkey decided he wasnt good enough to eat. Thomas Blake then remade himself in africa and eventually returned, looking completely badass in his costume. While hes not there yet, Blake’s well on his way to being the villains Batman, with a variety of lethal weapons tucked away in his costume.

6 – The Red King

A hulk villain and emperor of the planet Sakarr, where the hulk was exiled to after trashing Las Vegas. The Red King wears this power armor on the few occasions in which he enters the gladiators Arena. Not only is it some fancy looking armor but that sword packs a wallop. However the armor was no match for an enraged hulk, who sent the king flying with one blow.

5 – Catwoman

as you can see Catwoman has has a lot of costumes over the years, But none are better then her current Costume. Not only is the colour and design more fitting for a thief, but she lost that ridiculous tail, which caused her nothing but grief. Add to that razor sharp claws and upgrades supplied by Batman and you have one awsome costume

4 – Green Goblin (ultimate marvel continuity)

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe (UMU) Norman osborn transformed into a giant monster after injecting a prototype serum for a new super soldier project. There isnt much to this costume, just purple leggings and cloak, But combined with his monsterous appearance this serves its purpose quite well.

3 – Deadshot

Now this is a perfect example of a costume that not only looks good but serves a valuable purpose. Deadshot is widely regarded as one of the best shots with any type of gun in the dc universe. As a result of this fame many up and coming assassin have tried to boost their cred by killing Deadshot. Knowing they will only get one chance they inevitably go for the headshot, which as you can see is heavily armored, giving Floyd plenty of time to retaliate.

2 – Fantomex

Not many people can pull of an all white costume, but Fantomex does it well. Not only stylish but proves how good Fantomex is when he can be all Ninja like while wearing White. However it does have a problem with blood splatter, although in the right situation this can make Fantomex look even cooler.

1 – Taskmaster

While the mask may let this outfit down, the rest of the suit more then makes up for it. Perfectly designed for combat Taskmasters costume allows him to move freely while having easy access to all the weapons stored upon it. and it is my favorite Villain Costume.


2 Responses to “Top 10 – Best Supervillain Costumes”

  1. rootpot Says:

    Awesome list bob! I do like #9, it looks pretty cool. Keep ’em coming. 😀

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