Top 15 – Best Weapons in Comics

Todays list features the best weapons wielded by various heroes and villains in the worlds of comics.

15 – The Witchblade (Sarah Pezzini, Top Cow Productions)

Quite an interesting weapon to start this list. The Witchblade is an ancient sentient weapon created along with 12 other mystical artifacts and serves as a balance between the light and the dark (the ancient forces of the Angelus and the Darkness). The Witchblade is a Male aspect and so in order to keep the balance the wielder must be a woman (currently Sarah Pessini a new york city cop). When not in use the Witchblade looks like a jeweled gauntlet but once activated forms armor to cover the wielder (the amount of armor is dependent on the threat, for example the Witchblade will generate less armor to deal with thugs then it would to deal with a demon). The Witchblade can create weapons such as Swords, Spears and Chains. It is also capable of generating wings so its user can fly. It is also capable  of firing energy blasts.

14 – The Ebony Blade (The Black Knight, Marvel Comics)

A glistening Black sword carved from a Meteorite and enchanted by Merlin the magician for the 1st Black Knight, the ebony blade has been handed down through the generations and is currently in the hands of Dane Whitman, the current Black Knight. The blade is said to be indestructible and has certain magical proerties which include, cutting through magical barriors, absorbing energy and being bonded with the user so they can summon it at will. The Ebony blade is inflicted with a blood curse due to all the blood the original black knight had spilled. The curse affects people differently and with the current black knight it slowly turns him to stone when he sheds blood.

13 – Pumpkin Bomb (Green Goblin, Marvel Comics)

A small explosive device looking like a Jack O Lantern. Just shows to show the Green Goblin’s dedicated to his theme. He has many different types of Pumpkin Bomb but the main ones are hot enough to burn through 3 inches of steel. Other pumpkin bombs release gas, either posion, smoke, hallucinogenics or a special concoxion designed to mess with Spider-mans Spider Sense.

12 – Cold Gun (Captain Cold, Dc Comics)

Quite a remarkable weapon made by one Leonard Snart (Captain Cold). The gun is based of a Cyclotron and is capable of projecting intense cold and condensing large quantities of water in the air to ice.

11 – Harpoon Hand (Aquaman, DC Comics)

After Aquaman lost his ability to communicate with Sea Life one of his villains stuck his hand into a tank of Piranah causing Aquaman to lose it.  He eventually had a prosthetic fitted which was a harpoon with a retractible reel that he could control. This marked the start of a major change for Aquaman as he got rid of his costume and clean shaven look and began to dress as seen above. This weapon provided a major change in Aquaman’s fighting style as he could now attack at range.

10 – Hellfire Shotgun (Johnny Blaze, Marvel Comics)

After losing the ability to become Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze began to use a mystic motorbike and a special shotgun that fired concussive blasts empowered by Ghost Riders’s hellfire. This shotgun attacked the soul instead of the body so could be used to attack evil doers while civilians remain unharmed.

09 – Bang Gun (Joker, DC Comics)

A typical Joker style weapon, when first fired a flag with the word bang on it emerges, making the intended victim feel safe. Its not until it is fired a second time that the razor sharp flag shaft it launched at the target. The gun is used to interrogate victims for information before killing them and the flag is often coated in Joker venom to ensure death in case the wound is non fatal.

08 – Muramasa Blade (Wolverine, Marvel Comics)

The Muramasa blade was forged by Wolverine by the demon Swordsmith Muramasa. It is a seemingly indistructible blade and cuts at a cellular level and negates healing factors. The sword was forged so wolverine could get revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife, however he forgot about it when his memory was wiped. He eventually got it back and used it to kill Sabretooth. Another unique property of this sword is that the demon Muramasa used a piece of Wolverines Soul when forging the blade.

07 – Bow (Hawkeye, Marvel Comics)

The long time Avengers known as hawkeye is an expert marksman and his weapon of choice is a custom made bow and trick arrows. While not as impressive as some of the other weapons on the list, this bow is still impressive due to the number of conflicts it has been used in. After Clint Barton’s death Captain America presented the Hawkeye name and the Bow to Kate Bishop of the Young Avengers.

06 – Triangular Shield (Patriot, Marvel Comics)

This Shield is wielded by the Young Avengers known as Patriot (Eli Bradley) and is based upon the original Shield used by Captain America in WW2. While not being able to throw it like Captain America does Eli still makes the shield into an effective weapon.

05 – Batarang (Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, DC Comics)

A Bat shaped throwing weapon designed for Bruce Wayne as an alternative long distance weapon (due to his refusal to use guns). The Batarang is one of the bats greatest weapons, being not only powerful but aerodynamic and if thrown right it is capable of returning to him. These weapons are now used by most members of the bat family.

04 – Good Samaritan (Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics)

The long range weapon of choice of Hellboy, the Good Samaritan is an oversized revolver. The grip is made from a piece of the true cross and the metal is forged from irish church bells, iron crucifixes and blessed silver, the perfect weapon to deal with unholy supernatural monsters. The bullets for this gun are just as impressive, as they are equiped with explosive tips which contain white oak, holy water, garlic and silver shavings, making them effective against all manner of supernatural fiends.

03 – Mjolnir (Thor, Marvel Comics)

The weapon of choice of the Norse God Thor, this hammer was forged by Dwarven Blacksmiths and made of Asgardian metal called Uru. Mjolnir allows the wielder to summon lighting and storms and is capable of transforming Thor into his mortal form Dr Donald Blake. Originally the hammer was capable of creating chronal displacements, which allowed Thor to travel through time, but this ability has since been removed. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this hammer is it is only capable of being wielded by those that are worthy (which include Captain America and Superman)

02 – Round Shield (Captain America, Marvel Comics)

Probably the most iconic weapon in comics is the Shield used by Steve Rogers (Captain America). The shield is a perfect defensive and offensive weapon, capable of being thrown like a boomerang by a select few people (Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, U.S. Agent  and Taskmaster to name a few). The Shield is made from a mix of Adamantium, Steel and Vibranium which makes it virtually indestructible. Thanks to the unique properties of vibranium the shield is capable of absorbing all forms of kinetic energy.

01 – Power Ring (Green Lantenr Corps. DC Comics)

The weapon of choice of the Green Lantern Corps, this ring is capable of making solid energy constructs, limited only by the imagination of the wielder. Not only are they effective weapons but also act as armor for the Green Lanterns, protect them in space, translate languages, give the wielder information on virtually any subject and can diagnose wounds and injuries. The ring used to have a weakness to yellow, the colour of fear, but that weakness has been overcome by all but the newest recruits to the corps.


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