Top 10 – Teen Titans members

The Teen Titans have always been one of my Favourite comic book teams and were one of the first comics i collected. So for todays list i present to you my top 10 teen titans.

10 – Kon-El (Superboy)

A clone of Superman created using a mix of human and Kryptonian DNA 50% Superman, 50% Lex Luthor. Superboy has been around since the 90’s but only joined the teen titans in the 2003 revamp. Originally Superboy had no name but after proving himself loyal to Superman he was granted the names Kon-El and Connor Kent. His main superpower is Tactile Telekinesis which he uses to simulate flight and super strength. As he grew he developed powers like super hearing, heat vision, cold breath and x-ray vision. He’s currently in love with Cassie Sandmark (Wondergirl) however their relationship hit a snag when he died. He was revived in the 31st century and has recently returned to the present where he is trying to become more like superman and will soon join the current incarnation of the teen titans.

9 – Raven

Raven is the daughter of the Demon Trigon and a human mother, and she was born so that her father could use her to enter Earth’s dimension. When she turned 18 and learnt of her heritige and destiny she tried to recruit the Justice League to combat her father. The league didnt believe her so she turned to the former teen titans and they reformed the team to help her. Raven has died a couple of times but due to her half demonic nature she has always been able to return. Her powers include stealing emotions, manifestation of her soul-self and the ability to induce and amplify pride in a living being.

8 – Joseph Wilson (Jericho)

Joseph Wilson, son of the supervillain Deathstroke has the ability to posess the body of anyone he makes eye contact with. Once inside someone he can control there movements, speech and any powers they possess. Jericho is quite a tragic character as he was corrupted by the souls of beings tainted by Trigon. He was seemingly killed when his father stabbed his sword through his chest. 11 years later it was revealed Jericho had posessed his father, and had furthered his decent into madness. Jericho was trapped in a computer disc and eventually given a new body by Raven. He once again turned to evil when it was revealed all the minds he had possessed were still a part of him and he had a tragic ending when vigilante gouged his eyes out so he wouldnt be able to posess people any more.

7 – Garfield Logan (Beast Boy)

The joker of the teen titans with the ability to transform into any animal. he gained his powers after contracting a rare illness after being bitten by a green monkey. His parents tried an experimental treatment which cured him but left him with green skin and superpowers. He used to be a member of the Doom Patrol until they died and he joined Raven’s incarnation of the teen titans. He is extremly loyal to his friends, especially Raven who he eventually falls in love with. He joined the 2003 version of the titans as a mentor, and served to brigde the gap between the young and old titans. He later joined the Titans but went back to the team Titans to help them after they suffered a few setbacks.

6 – Roy Harper (Red Arrow, Formerly Speedy & Arsenal)

The former sidekick of Green Arrow, Roy was the first new member to join the team after their original introduction. He had a bad childhood and eventually became addicted to Heroin but got clean with the help of friends. As he got older he changed his name to Arsenal and began using guns. He used this identity as a government agent, titans member and later as a member of the Outsiders. When he left that group he was invited into the newest version of the Justice league of America where he changed his name to Red Arrow. During this time he joined a new version of the titans but I fear he will have to give up his heroic career after getting his arm ripped off.

5 – Bart Allen (Kidflash, formerly Impulse & Flash)

Grandson of Barry Allen, the second Flash. Bart was born in the 31st Century but suffered from accellerated ageing and had to live in a virtual reality world. He was eventually sent back in time where Wally West (Flash III) managed to slow his ageing down to normal. Bart then took the codename suggested by Batman, Impluse and decided to become a hero. He was reckless at first, having no concept of danger due to his growing up in a virtual world. He often acted without thinking and caused a lot of trouble. he was a member of Young Justice alongside Robin III and Superboy and considers Robin his best friend. He joined the teen titans at the same time as his friends and after healing from a shot to the knee he spent 20 minutes reading the San Francisco public library he created a new costume and began calling himself kid flash. This period saw a huge change in Bart and he began to act more like a traditional hero. He eventually got sucked into the speed force alongside Wally West in an effort to trap Superboy Prime. Bart managed to escape but had aged 4 years. After some soul searching he became the 4th Flash. He was killed shortly after by the Rogues but was revived in the 31st century and returned to the present alongside Superboy.

4 – Tim Drake (Red Robin, Formerly Robin III)

After the death of Jason Todd (Robin II) Batman became more violent and more of a loner. School Kid Tim Drake noticed this and noticed that Batman needs a Robin. He deduced batmans secret identity and with the help of Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth he succeeded. Unlike the other Robins Tim was more of a detective then a fighter so Batman sent him to Paris to train. He joined Young Justice and had a load of Solo adventures. He joined the 2003 incarnation of the titans and later lead the group after the 1 year later gap. After Bruce Wayne’s death he quit the Teen Titans and became Red Robin and searched the world for a way to bring Bruce back.

3 – Victor Stone (Cyborg)

Victor Stone was a promising young athlete until his parents experiments with dimensional travel allowed a monster to come through which killed his mother and mutilated Victor. To save him, his father grafted cybernetic parts onto him. Victor felt isolated after his recovery Vic could no longer be an athlete and was without purpose until he joined the titans, where he found friends who understood him. He remained a member of this group through its many incarnations, and even mentored the younger members when the team reformed in 2003. Currently he is a member of the newest version of the justice league alongside former titans Starfire, Donna Troy and Dick Grayson)

2- Rose Wilson (Ravager)

The second child of Deeathstroke to make this list Rose has been a core part of the titans for years, serving as nanny to Roy Harpers daughter before becoming a full time member during the one year later gap. Rose was put up for adoption to protect her from her fathers enemies but eventually Deathstroke decided to get her back and began drugging her to keep her loyal. She lost an eye as a result of this, gouging it out to be more like her father. She left the titans because she felt she couldnt fit in and currently stars in a back up feature in the teen titans comics.

1 – Richard Grayon (Batman, Formerly Robin I, Nightwing)

Dick Grayson lost his family when he was 12 and was taken in by Bruce Wayne. He eventually discovered Bruce was Batman and became his crime fighting partner and took the name Robin. When he grew older he took the name Nightwing and moved to Buldhaven to become a solo hero. He became the new Batman after the death of Bruce. He has lead narly every incarnation of the Titans, except for a couple of groups in the 90’s and the 2003 version of the team. He is one of the most well liked superheroes with in the metahuman community and has met nearly every single hero active.


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