Top 10 – Iron Man Armor

Iron man is one hero who has changed his costume a lot over the years. Some just alter his look while other have very specific purposes. I present to you his ten best armor’s.

10 – Golden Avenger

The second armor Tony Stark ever built. After returning home after his kidnapping Stark decided to become a hero and created this armor which was more powerful than his previous cave built version. He also painted it gold to make it less scary looking.

09 – Lord Iron

This armor exists in the marvel 1602 universe, in which marvel heroes are imagined as they would be in the year 1602. In this continuity Iron man is a Spanish solider forced to make weapons by David Banner (later to be the 1602 hulk). Due to the torture he was subjected to Lord Iron needs his armor to survive. It is powered by Lightning bottles which provide strength, invulnerability and energy attacks.

08  – Heroes Reborn

During the onslaught event most of the worlds heroes sacrificed themselves to stop the creature known as Onslaught. To save them Franklin Richards (Son of Reed Richards & Sue Storm) used his powers to shift them to an alternate earth where they had completely new origins. This version of iron man made his armor due to an encounter with the hulk leaving shrapnel in his chest. Tony always wore the chestplate to keep his heart beating and was cloaked when not in use.

07 – Ultimate

The Ultimate continuity is a reimagining of the Marvel heroes early years. Ultimate Tony has a brain tumor and only a few years left to live so he designed the suit to make the most of his remaining years and do some good in the world. This armor is heavier and more difficult to operate then the 616 armor.

06 – Thorbuster

A custom armor Iron man designed in case Thor ever turned rogue. Powered by an Azgardian crystal and a prototype generator that allowed it to absorb most of the energy Thor could unleash on it. Due to this it could possibly be the most powerful of all iron man armors. However it was eventually destroyed by Thor.

05 – Hulkbuster

Like the Thorbuster armor, this suit had a specific function, in this case to fight the Hulk. There have been two versions of this armor, and both are frames designed to fit onto Iron mans current armor. The Hulkbuster armor provides enhanced strength and defense but severely decreases maneuverability.

04- War Machine

A heavy duty armor designed for situations which need advanced fire power. The original War Machine armor was built to help Stark with a specific threat. Later versions were built for Jim Rhodes, Stark’s best friend. This armor contains a literal armory including – Repulsors, uni-beam, double-barreled cannon, flamethrower, laser sword, minigun, rocket launcher, EMP, force shield, pulse bolt generators and a partical beam discharger.

03 – Unnamed 2010 Armor

This armor would be number one on the list except for the fact that it hasnt appeared in comics yet. Put simply I love it. It just looks so awesome and hi-tech, while still retaining its humanoid appearance and designs common to all Stark’s armors.

02 – Mach III movie armor

This armors on the list because its the closest we will get to a real life iron man. Its been updated for the big screen but still retains close links with the comic book armors. Its sleek and eligent and powerful. Exactly what Iron Man needs to be.

01 – Extremis

This is the armor that Stark has been wearing for the past few years and was the basis for the Mach III movie armor seen above. This armor was created after Stark injected himself with nanites which gave him control over machinery. He can store the inner layers of the armor in his body making it easier to suit up in times of crisis. This model is sleeker then his previous armors and is able to be controlled remotely.

Of course this is only a small number of Armors belonging to Stark and here i list a few that didnt make the list.

Original Grey, Red & Gold, Space, Stealth, Recovery, Silver Centurian, Hydro-Armor, Telepresence, Modular, Arctic, Retro, Sentient, Outer Atmosphere, SKIN Armor, Tin MAn, High-G, Hypervelocity.


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