Top 10 – X-Men Villains

Rooty inspired me to make this list after telling me he was playing a Marvel RPG and was fighting Pyr0, the blob and Avalance. So hes my list of the 10 best X-men villains.

10 – William Stryker

Anyone who’s seen the X-men films will recognise the name William Stryker as the main villain of the 2nd movie. This interpretation is completly different from his comic book persona. Stryker is a religious fanatic with a deep hatred of mutants. When his own son was born a mutant Stryker kills him shortly after birth. He began to believe mutants were servants of Satan and that God choose him to eradicate every last mutant. Stryker became a popular televangilist and attempts to kidnap Professer Xavier to power a machine that will kill every last mutant. The X-men and Magneto team up to stop him and he is eventually shot by his security guard when he attempts to kill Kitty Pryde on live tv. He returns a couple of more times but his next major appearance is in the New X-men comics where he kills 1/4 of the depowered mutants at the Xavier institute and a few powered children until he was killed by Elixer.

09 – Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Like a couple of people on this list the Scarlet Witch is no longer a villain but has been a hero for many years, in fact she first appeared in 1964 and joined the avengers in 1967. Her mutant power is to alter probability via hexes. Two of her most impressive feats were creating children out of nothing because she couldnt have them with her husband (who was a robot), and reshaping the entire  universe to make mutants the dominant species (House of M). Alongside her brother Quicksilver, Wanda sharted of a a member of the brotherhood of evil mutants and fought against the X-men until learning the truth about Magnetos evil ways. Due to the way Wanda’s powers work she is also able to control magic easily and is a competent witch.

08 – Graydon Creed

The human son of mutants Mystique and Sabretooth. Creed was abandoned at birth and after learning that his parents were mutants who abandoned him he grew resentful of all mutants. He formed a terriorist group called the friends of humanity who opposed mutant civil rights. He used the actions of violent mutants such as Magneto to gather supporters to his cause. He was shot and killed at a rally for his presidential candidancy. It was later revealed he was killed by a future version of Mystique in retaliation for Creeds involvement in the brutal attack on the grandson of mystiques lover.

07 – Raven Darkholme (Mystique)

One of the most well known X-men villains is a shapeshifting assassin who usually works for money rather than loyalty to a cause. She is the mother of two of the X-men, Nightcrawler (biological) and Rogue (Foster). She is over 100 years old and had a history with wolverine before he joined the x-men. She has been a constant thorn in the x-mens side, working with (and leading some) most versions of the Brotherhood as well as persuing personal vendetas. She joined the x-men for a while recently under the command of Rogue but eventually turned on the team and shot her daughter.

06 – Hank McCoy (Dark Beast)

One of the few survivors from an alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse. In that reality Hank McCoy was an evil scientist working for Apocalypse and managed to escape to earth 616 when the AOA ended. He kidnapped the real beast and impersonated him for a while until he joined up with Onslaught. He had recently teamed up with 616 Hank in an effort to find a way to save mutant kind after M-day. After this he was seen as part of the Dark X-men alongside Mystique.

05 – MaxEisenhardt (Magneto)

The X-mens arch nemesis and a master of magnetism. Magneto was a survivor of the holocaust and after seeing how the world in general treated mutants he vowed they wouldnt suffer like he did. However he goes about this in the wrong way and commits acts of terrorism to try and get his point across. He is the father of Quicksilver, The Scarlet With and Polaris. His most memorable actions include tearing the Adamantium from Wolverines skeleton and killing Jean Grey.

04 – Apocalypse

The worlds first mutant has a seemingly endless set of powers including shape changing, teleportation, invulnerability and energy projection. He has appeared many times and attempted to take control the world before being stopped by the X-men or Avengers (except for the Age of Apocalypse). He is usually accompanied by his horsemen, which have included wolverin, Angel and gambit at one time or another. His arch nemesis is Cable, who grew up in a future ruled by Apocalypse and traveled back in time to prevent this.

03  – Emma Frost (white Queen)

A powerful telepath who also poseses a diamond form, Emma was a major villain in the past but is currently married to  Cyclops and helps lead the X-men. Her main days as a villain were as part of the hellfire club which seek to infuluence world events to their own agenda. One of the most memorable acts was having a psychic affair with Cyclops before his wife died.

02 Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

One of the most well known X-men hasnt always been a hero. As a child he trained with the thieves guild, and still puts those skils to use. He was a villain in his first few appearences but his growing attraction to Rogue caused him to join the X-Men. More recently he was captured by Apocalypse and turned into Death, one of his horsemen (seen in above pic). During this period he attempted to kill Rogue but failed due to his love for her. After being cured Gambit went on to join the Marauders and attacked the x-men during messiah complex.

01 – Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Like a few others on this list Deadpool was only a villain in his first few appearences but later on turned into more of an anti-hero and is currently one of the most popular characters owned by Mavel Comics. A mercinary with a healing factor great actobatic skills and a talent with guns and swords. i think those who know me probably know more about deadpool then they would like so i wont go into how awsome he is.


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