October 26, 2009

went to pub with P & P last night with P ever so graciously offering to drive. Was nice to get out of the house and be in the company of friends.

Renovations of my room are proceeding quickly, getting all new furniture. just need wardrobe another bookcase and a computer chair now.

much love



August 24, 2009

i lost my birdie. he knocked the door of his cage open and flew out of the window before i had a chance to react :(:(:(

Of BBQ’s & Acresford

August 18, 2009

Well the last couple of days were interesting. Had a nice BBQ at Alexander’s on Saturday. Although the kebabs kinda turned out bad. After that a few of us went a wonder around the glorious village that is measham and i showed the crew my old treehouse and old hidden base i had when i was like 12. And on the way home i saw some dude get arrested, havent a clue what he had done but it was amusing.

Yesterday me and Alexander went along the nature trail to donisthorpe and then picked a random direction and started walking. We eventually ended up in Acresford which must be the dullest village in existance (appologies to anyone who lives there).  We did get a little lost but eventually found our way back to where we first entered Donisthorpe. All in all a good three hour walk. Although i have no desire to visit Acresford ever again.